SMEs in profit at 2007 levels

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Small businesses in the UK continue to be less productive compared to other countries, according to a report by the All Parliamentary Small Business Group.

The group’s findings complement recent research by the Federation of Small Businesses that shows that UK productivity levels are 17% lower than the average across the G7.

The parliamentary group has recommended 7 measures to help boost small business productivity levels:
  • ŸŸsimplifying the business tax system and incentivising investment
  • ŸŸincreasing access to high quality, affordable broadband
  • ŸŸinvesting in regional growth to connect regions
  • ŸŸsupporting the knowledge transfer between higher education and the private sector
  • ŸŸincreasing apprenticeships and funding for workplace training
  • ŸŸencouraging more businesses to bid for public sector contracts
  • ŸŸhelping more businesses to export through targeted finance.